Designer bridal gowns

Keo Bridal

Keo Bridal caters to those who fearlessly embrace their uniqueness, setting trends and breaking the status quo. They celebrate the exceptionally bold and unique, while appreciating traditional bridal trends and blending them with modern desires. Keo Bridal believes in empowering today’s modern woman to express her true self, free from trends and societal expectations. Your wedding dress should reflect who you are and embody the grandness of the occasion. You are one-of-a-kind, unparalleled, and vibrant.

Keo understands that today’s modern bride desires something unique and personalized, not a prefabricated gown in standard sizes. That’s why they offer custom-tailored gowns, precisely tailored to your body measurements, because Keo Bridal believes that women should not be defined by their dress size.

$1500 to $3700